A Totally Nu Way to Enhance Your Look

NuBra is the original patented strapless, backless adhesive bra. Our philosophy is a simple one: make a bra that offers support, comfort and freedom, but eliminates all the stuff that make bras uncomfortable.

Since 2002 we’ve made our products using the finest and safest materials — including medical-grade adhesives.

Many women think of backless, strapless bras as just for formal occasions, but they're great for all-day, everyday use. Today, we offer a wide variety of styles and fabrics and sizes. Take a look!

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Color coded for your convenience

NuBra products come in authentic, color-coded packaging to help you find exactly what you need. Check out our handy color guide!

Color coded for your convenience


Say goodbye to straps!

20 years ago, we set out to make the world’s Most comfortable all-occasion bra.

What did we have to lose?

*Please note that some products other than our patented, adhesive NuBra originals may be imported. Please see specific product descriptions for full disclosure.