NuBra is a totally NU way to enjoy fashion freedom. Unlike regular bras, it doesn't have back or shoulder straps -- so there's no more pinching, digging in, or weird back bulges. What makes NuBra totally different is that it still provides all-day comfort and freedom, but with the flexibility to wear any outfit. 

PLEASE NOTE: NuBra cups are designed to be a little smaller than standard bras, and won't cover your entire breast. When choosing a NuBra, simply select your regular cup size. 

NuBra comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles and patterns, whatever your need or mood. Millions of women worldwide have chosen NuBra as the NU way to go backless and strapless every day. Still have questions? Check out the guide below or visit our FAQ section.



Want Altitude? These Nu Basics provide the support and coverage that lets you bare your body with great confidence -- and control the level of cleavage. Within each category of NuBra you'll find various styles that help define your look. 


Our most popular style for smooth coverage, extra support, and comfort with any outfit -- all day long.


The barely-there bra that provides just the right support for total freedom -- plus the ability to control the perfect amount of cleavage. 


For times when you want support -- in a full range of styles, prints and patterns.